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Microsoft Surface Studio

Mattermap door Crystal Conzo 07 februari 2017

What is the public opinion of the Microsoft Surface Studio?

  • Display

    • On balance, when all the pros and cons are tallied, the Studio has the best computer display we’ve ever seen. Its contrast is the best you’ll find without an OLED display, something that’s only available on laptops for now, and color performance is excellent. Everything adds up to an outstanding experience. Drawing on the Studio looks natural and lifelike, with bold yet realistic colors. And while this PC isn’t designed for movies or gaming, its provides amazing detail to both. Civilization VI looked like a painting come alive. ...»
      Matt Smith Editor Digital Trends Bron: Digital Trends 17/11/2016
    • Mostly, I appreciate the Surface Studio simply for having a big freaking screen. After spending years writing on ultraportables and reading news apps on smartphones and tablets, I sometimes forget how nice it is to use a large screen where you can have a pile of windows thrown about, or simply view a full-size webpage next to a document for note taking. It might just be me, but I've found that bigger displays simply let me be more creative. ...»
      Devindra Hardawar Senior Editor Engadget Bron: Engadget 17/11/2016
    • The Surface Studio is hands-down the most gorgeous, visually appealing desktop PC I have ever seen. That conclusion extends beyond a tech reviewer's experience — "normal" people who have seen my Studio also react viscerally upon seeing it for the first time. It all comes down to one reason: that display. ...»
      Daniel Rubino Editor-in-Chief Windows Center Bron: Windows Center 16/01/2017
    • There is a lot to talk about in regards to the display of the Surface Studio. First of all, it is truly a “wow” moment for practically anyone who sees it. We can get a bit carried away with talk of pixels, color gamuts, and contrast, but pretty much anyone who has seen this Surface Studio has said “wow” whether they are technical or not. The combination of a huge number of pixels, a very large display, good brightness, and the not so average aspect ratio really make the Studio stand out. The fact that it’s all in a 12.5 mm thick design is the icing on the cake. ...»
      Brett Howse Writer AnandTech Bron: AnandTech 20/01/2017
    • Everyone agrees, it’s incredibly gorgeous — one of the best displays you can buy outside an OLED according to multiple reviewers, with the option to seamlessly swap between SRGB and the DCI-P3 specifications with the touch of a button. ...»
      Joel Hruska Staff Editor Extreme Tech Bron: Extreme Tech 17/11/2016
  • Hardware

    • That jaw-dropping screen and futuristic hinge all sit atop what is likely the biggest disappointment with the Studio: the actual computer. Microsoft suggests that even without the PC guts the Studio's display would push it well beyond $2,000. A touch display of this size isn't cheap, and while I thoroughly approve of Microsoft's choice to use a 3:2 display, it's a panel they had to have custom produced as no other monitors use that unique size and resolution. All of that makes the innards of the Surface Studio underwhelming. Granted, this is nearly always the case with all-in-ones but rarely do such computers start at $3,000. ...»
      Daniel Rubino Editor-in-Chief Windows Central Bron: Windows Central 16/01/2017
    • It's 2016, and this is a premium, high-end, high-price PC, and it uses a spinning disk. Not even a fast spinning disk, either; a laptop part that had to be paired with a discrete SSD to get good performance. If ever a machine was built that should use pure SSD storage, it's surely this. It costs three grand! Three grand for a mechanical hard drive. ...»
      Peter Bright Technology Editor Ars Technica Bron: Ars Technica 09/12/2016
    • Powering that many pixels takes significant hardware oomph, and the Surface Studio doesn’t disappoint. Microsoft’s all-in-one packs a quad-core Core i7 processor, a 2TB “Rapid Hybrid Drive,” an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M, and up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM—a crucial addition for image and video editing—in its most tricked-out configuration. ...»
      Brad Chacos Senior Editor PC World Bron: PC World 26/10/2016
    • Microsoft announced the gorgeous Surface Studio all-in-one desktop PC last month, to much fanfare. I lauded the Surface Studio's design and killer screen, but disliked the use of previous-generation technologies at the heart of the machine. One of the benefits of using tried-and-true hardware, however, is reliability – Intel’s Skylake and NVIDIA’s Maxwell-based parts are known quantities at this point – which bodes well for Microsoft considering how difficult it would be to repair a Surface Studio. ...»
      Marco Chiappetta Contributor Forbes Bron: Forbes 29/11/2016
  • Surface Dial

    • The Surface Dial offers app-specific support in only a handful of programs right now, plus a few general systems tools that work almost anywhere, such as volume control and scrolling for longer docs and webpages. Early adopter apps include Sketchable (an art app), Microsoft Office and Drawboard PDF. But popular programs like Photoshop will have to wait for expanded support. The Dial also continues Microsoft's inexplicable policy of taking the most interesting things about its Surface products and splitting them off to be sold separately. ...»
      Dan Ackerman Section Editor CNET Bron: CNET 17/11/2016
    • The optional Surface Dial is an aluminum hockey-puck-like wireless Bluetooth control unit. You can actually mount the dial on the Studio display screen for additional options like scrolling through colors or brush sizes. The Surface Dial is a truly unique offering. Software support is limited right now. It is, however, sure to grow in the future. ...»
      Sandy Berger Freelance Writer Hardware Secrets Bron: Hardware Secrets 16/01/2017
    • The Studio screen never hinges completely flat. In drafting mode it's angled at around 20 degrees, which is about where you'd want it to comfortably use the pen on the screen. To accommodate this angle, the Surface Dial has got a grippy, rubberised base that more or less holds it in position after you place it on the screen, but not quite. Ever so slowly the Dial slides down the screen. I didn't use the Studio long enough to be bothered by it, or to see whether it eventually falls down onto the desk, but I suspect that seeing that slow-motion descent in the corner of your eye could get a little bothersome after a while...But that's a minor gripe. ...»
      John Davidson Columnist Financial Review Bron: Financial Review 11/01/2017
    • The Surface Dial is a small rotary device you can place on the screen. You push once to make selections and long press to bring up a menu. For example, in a painting, you might use it to quickly select a color. If you make a mistake on the canvas, you can use an undo function with an "infinite" scroll that lets you dial back all of your notations. What impressed me so much about it is that the dial is so tactile. It's on the screen, and so are your fingers and your palm. You lean over and get to work. You don't have to think as much about that one little icon on the lower right for selecting a color. ...»
      John Brandon Contributing Editor Inc. Bron: Inc. 06/01/2017
    • I’ve been using the Dial in my left hand while I draw with my right, and it feels totally natural to use. You can tap on the top, crank the dial around, or tap and hold to access menus and controls. Most of the controls are radial menus that appear when you interact with the Dial. If you place it on top of the Surface Studio then it creates those menus directly under the Dial on the display, and they’ll follow the device wherever you place it. ...»
      Tom Warren Senior Editor The Verge Bron: The Verge 17/11/2017
  • Performance

    • On a whole, the system behaved admirably with the complex models, though touch response slowed pretty close to a crawl when we drilled in super close on one of the engine’s cross sections. Disappointing given the high end specs on the machine (core i7 and up to 32GB of RAM), but perhaps understandable for an extremely complex model. ...»
      Brian Heater Hardware Editor TechCrunch Bron: TechCrunch 26/10/2016
    • Our performance critique continues – and becomes more severe – with the hard drive. All Surface Studio models come with a hybrid drive which combines a mechanical disk (2TB, in our review unit) with a solid-state cache. The cache dynamically decides which data to store based on how the system is used. In theory, that makes the system as responsive as an SSD, without sacrificing storage capacity. Ouch. As you can see, the hybrid drive just can’t keep up with solid state drives. ...»
      Matt Smith Editor Digital Trends Bron: Digital Trends 17/11/2016
    • The components inside allow for a seamless drawing experience, in that your taps, swipes and other stylus gestures are rendered so near 1:1 that it seems as instantaneous as creating physical art.
      Joel Osborne Writer Tech Radar Bron: Tech Radar 01/02/2017
    • It should provide the power needed for most, as the 980M is a strong card, and it will be helped by a Core i7 processor and 32GB of memory, but I did see some slowdown while zoomed in on and rotating a detailed object. A GTX 1080 would probably be overboard for a portion of users, but a 1070 or 1060 would make this a nearly unbeatable (though even more expensive) desktop. The line has to be drawn somewhere in terms of price, and the system may have been in development before those additions were plausible. ...»
      Matthew Buzzi Junior Analyst PC Mag Bron: PC Mag 26/01/2017
  • Design

    • Practically everything about the Surface Studio's build screams refinement. The aluminum used around the sides and back of the screen, as well as the base, feels smooth to the touch. The chrome hinges reflect their surrounding environment, almost disappearing into your desk. And, despite having a delicate bending mechanism in its hinges, the Studio felt sturdy as I lugged it to different locations in our office. There was no flexing or creaking to be found. ...»
      Devindra Hardawar Senior Editor Engadget Bron: Engadget 17/11/2016
    • What I like most about the Surface Studio is how it pivots, literally, from a single-purpose workstation into an easel for artistic creation or sharing. A pair of hinges gracefully lifts the massive 28-inch, 4500x3000 PixelSense display from a nearly vertical position to about 20 degrees off the horizontal. The display itself offers Adobe sRGB and DCI-P3 color settings, individually color-calibrated. If there’s any drawback, it’s that the monitor itself lacks any other positioning feature. There’s no way of raising it higher, save for propping it up with a book or stand. ...»
      Mark Hachman Senior Editor PC World Bron: PC World 26/10/2016
    • Microsoft touted on stage that, at 12.5mm at its thickest point, the Surface Studio is the thinnest desktop monitor ever created. The word 'monitor' is key there, as there's actually no hardware within the screen unit, as with most all-in-one PCs. Nay, Microsoft shoved all of that stuff – the processor, the graphics, the memory and the hard drive – into the tiny base that holds the 'zero-gravity hinge'. It makes for a beautiful-looking product that makes the hardware seem to disappear. ...»
      Joe Osborne Senior Editor Techradar Bron: Techradar 01/02/2017
    • Microsoft designed the Surface Studio’s screen at a 3:2 aspect ratio to enable the AIO to render images at what it calls “True Scale.” An inch on the screen translates to an inch in real life, letting creators see what their work will truly look like in the real world. The Surface team even designed the chrome arms holding the screen aloft to be as discrete as possible, so your sole focus remains on that gorgeous screen and the work at hand. ...»
      Brad Chacos Senior Editor PC World Bron: PC World 26/10/2016
    • On the face of it, the Surface Studio isn’t the best looking all-in-one we’ve seen around (though it is, without question, impressively thin). As with other products in the Surface line, the design team was clearly focused on function over form. Of course, from the front, the thing is pretty much all screen, with a proportionally small black bezel on all sides. ...»
      Brian Heater Hardware Editor TechCrunch Bron: TechCrunch 26/10/2016
  • Ports

    • In some ways, Microsoft is taking the exact opposite approach as Apple. Where the new MacBook Pro is rigorously minimalist, with only USB-C Thunderbolt ports, Surface Studio has multiple USB-A ports, an SD card slot, a Mini DisplayPort and even an Ethernet jack. One complaint: all of those ports are on the rear of the Studio's base -- how about moving one USB and the SD slot to the front? ...»
      Dan Ackerman Section Editor CNET Bron: CNET 17/11/2016
    • I’m not sure I like Microsoft’s decision to package its expansion ports inside the base. Microsoft essentially took its Surface Hub and tied it to a standard motherboard, encased it in plastic, and called it a day. The Studio puts four USB 3.0 ports inside the base, but points them toward the back, probably making it a pain to plug in anything. There’s an SD card reader and a headphone jack—again, facing the rear. Unlike the Surface tablets, there’s no USB port on the side of the monitor, which I rather miss. ...»
      Mark Hachman Senior Editor PC World Bron: PC World 26/10/2016
    • As this is an all-in-one PC, there are still some compromises with the Surface Studio. All of the ports are at the rear, which makes it hard to access them if you have the Studio placed against a wall. ...»
      Tom Warren Senior Editor The Verge Bron: The Verge 17/11/2016
    • Though the base is small, it has room for four USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet jack, a Mini-DisplayPort connection, a headphone jack, and a full-sized SDcard reader. The lack of USB Type-C support feels a bit old-fashioned, as it does on the recently updated Surface Book with Performance Base, but it’s good to see a card reader and plenty of USB ports available. ...»
      Matt Smith Editor Digital Trends Bron: Digital Trends 17/11/2016