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Final versie

Mattermap door Danny van Gend 29 mei 2017

Hoe behoudt de recensent zijn bestaansrecht anno 2017

  • Wat kan een professionele recensent bieden?

    • Reviewing is regarded as a democratic practice: anybody can do it. One need only pick up an issue of a major Sunday newspaper book section to see how novelists are assigned to review nonfiction works, and journalists to review scholarly books. ...»
      Bruce Mazlish Geschiedkundige Bron: American Historical Association 01/02/2001
    • To review a film, one needs to have a good sense of the film industry, the history of film and especially the genre they're reviewing, and a reasonable sense of the politics and pop culture of the day. ...»
      Redacteur Forbes Bron: Erik Kain 28/07/2012
  • Hoe zorg je ervoor dat een recensie aantrekkelijk is anno 2017?

    • I'll never do one minute reviews again. The YouTube algorithm makes them a TERRIBLE idea now. It'd honestly destroy my channel.
      Bron: Twitter 17/05/2016
    • Video reviews are the optimal way to build customer trust in this day and age, particularly for e-commerce brands. Video reviews provide all of the key advantages of standard text-based customer reviews. They show that your brand is willing to give customers a platform through which to share their opinions, they put customer testimonials right on your product pages, and they supplement product descriptions to give shoppers all of the information they need to understand and purchase a product. ...»
      Bron: Linkedin 06/12/2016
  • Wat is de positie van een recensent bij het publiek?

    • Allereerst is de positie van een recensent belangrijk. Een lezer moet zich bewust zijn van het feit dat een criticus nooit helemaal objectief is, of zoals Hans Beerekamp schrijft in Debat – Wordt kunstkritiek een zorg van de overheid?: "Daarom is het van belang dat de criticus zich kenbaar maakt als meneer of mevrouw met een bepaalde oriëntatie, ook in al zijn subjectiviteit. Objectieve kritieken bestaan niet, en zouden ook vrij zinloos zijn". ...»
      Bron: 22/04/2016
    • Before technology permeated our lives, shoppers relied on the opinions of family and friends to guide their purchasing decisions. While the opinions of our personal networks still hold great weight, consumers are recognizing that the most authentic opinion of a product is from someone who has actually used it. ...»
      Bron: Power of Reviews 01/01/1970
    • Consumers consider not only the review, but also the reviewer. If the author of a negative review seems unlike the reader, the reader may discount the authenticity of the review for them personally. Transparency in reviews and reviewers demonstrates credibility that gives consumers confidence in their purchase. ...»
      Bron: Power of Reviews 01/01/1970
    • Think about what the internet has done to movie critics. These days, anyone can be a critic, and if you have a blog that looks somewhat professional, you can be taken seriously. Why should you listen to the hundreds and hundreds of people with opinions online? Gone are the days when critics studied film theory and wrote analytical pieces for newspapers and magazines. The best of the old-fashioned critics are getting old and out of touch, or have long passed that stage. ...»
      Bron: Julian Cheatle 31/10/2016
  • Hoe belangrijk is een recensie anno 2017

    • De invloed van recensies is groot. Werken waarover recensenten een negatief oordeel vellen, liggen doorgaans slecht in de markt. Werken die niet gerecenseerd worden trekken ook minder lezers, kijkers of luisteraars. Bovendien spelen recensies een (niet onbelangrijke) rol bij het toekennen van subsidies of prijzen aan kunstenaars en bij het aanschafbeleid van bibliotheken. ...»
      Bron: Infonu 11/10/2016
    • Ratings and reviews have become a prime source of information for shoppers on their path to purchase. An increasing number of shoppers are relying on reviews as they decide when, where and how to buy. In fact, almost all shoppers—95%—reported consulting customer
      Bron: Power of Reviews 01/01/1970
    • In 2014, BrightLocal published a survey on the power of customer reviews. 88% of respondents said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In other words, nearly nine in 10 customers are just as willing to buy a product based on the praise of a stranger as they are to buy a product at the recommendation of a friend. ...»
      Bron: Brightlocal 01/01/1970