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Danielle Hedegard (COM 224)

Mattermap door Danielle Hedegard 01 december 2017

Which sororities are the best at Shippensburg University?

  • Alpha Phi

    • In 1956, Alpha Phi was one of the first women's fraternities to establish a Foundation.

      The Alpha Phi Foundation is dedicated to advancing leadership development, encouraging academic excellence, improving women's heart health, supporting sisters in need and educating about the value of philanthropy. It is well known and respected internationally as a prominent philanthropic leader for the Greek community, with our chapters raising over two million dollars annually.

      Each year the Foundation awards the Heart to Heart Cardiac Care grant to an organization focused on women's cardiac research. Individual Alpha Phi chapters are also encouraged to develop a relationship with a local cardiac care project in their community, as well as to promote awareness of women's heart disease during February's Cardiac Care Month and Red Dress Pin Day which takes place on the first Friday of each February.

      As an Alpha Phi you will have the opportunity to support the Alpha Phi Foundation along with your chapter by planning popular campus events - from elegant evening galas to campus wide talent shows - that raise money for the Foundation and its causes.
      Alpha Phi Foundation Bron: Philanthropy and Service page/ 29/11/2017
    • Jeri Ryan (actress, Star Trek)
      Kimberly Williams-Paisley (actress, Father of the Bride movies)
      Rosemarie Braddock DeWitt (actress, Standoff)
      Eliza Orlins (Survivor contestant)
      Hannah Wagner (Miss Kans
      as 2016)
      Jennifer Jones (Olympic indoor volleyball player)
      Olivia Jordan (Miss USA 2015)
      Ranker Bron: 01/12/2017
    • Why Alpha Phi?
      Every year nearly 9,000 new members find a home in Alpha Phi. Like you, they too were looking for a place where they could confide in others, share new experiences, conquer difficult c
      hallenges, and achieve things they never thought possible! Alpha Phi has 170 thriving collegiate chapters across the U.S. and Canada. And regardless of which chapter you join, you will find a supportive family of sisters who are excited to welcome you home!

      Over 200,000 members found a community of friends who engaged with them in their collegiate adventure…and so will you! In Alpha Phi, you’ll have sisters standing shoulder to shoulder with you through your journey of laughter, excitement, tears, and a million shared experiences! From the moment you join, you’ll feel this incredible gift of love and support from sisters who surround you. And perhaps the most surprising gift of all is that this Alpha Phi family extends well beyond your college years…for the rest of your lifetime!

      Whether you have aspirations of impacting the world through philanthropic service, or creating an innovative solution to a business problem, Alpha Phi will provide you with leadership and learning experiences that will enhance your ability to achieve your dreams. You’ll have sisters who will cheer you on, lift you up, and offer encouraging support as you strive to make a positive difference every day! Being a member of Alpha Phi is empowering, and we believe in the impact these unique experiences have to transform us into women who will change the world! In Alpha Phi, you will find sisters who want the best for one another and expect the best of each other, every step of the way!
      Alpha Phi International Bron: Membership page / 01/12/2017
    • Chapter Leadership Development

      Successful chapters rely on the involvement of the entire chapter to lead. Our Chapter Leadership Development program defines leaders not as those with a formal leaders
      hip title, but as anyone who influences others and contributes to the chapter. Centered around an Online Leadership Library that provides chapters and members with training modules on a large selection of leadership and wellness topics, our program is designed to give members the tools to be the best version of themselves and fosters an environment where all chapter members understand how to be leaders and engaged team participants.

      Emerging Leaders Institute

      Alpha Phi recognizes the importance of modeling leadership skills for our rising leaders to duplicate in their chapters. The Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) provides a caring, creative and fun environment where leaders are challenged to explore and strengthen personal values in the context of today's university setting. The Institute provides our emerging or rising leaders with a unique opportunity to learn from successful Alpha Phi alumnae and each other. Annually, 200 freshmen and sophomores who show great potential as future chapter leaders are invited to attend.
      Alpha Phi International Bron: Leadership Oppurtunities page / 01/12/2017
    • Chapter Leadership and Leadership Conferences

      Alpha Phi chapters are self-governed, providing collegians with extensive, real-world leadership opportunities under the mentorship of caring alumna advi
      sors. The officer structure mirrors the organization structure of a typical business, with roles that provide valuable experience for the future. Officers participate in an intensive leadership training program at annual leadership conferences, which also provide the opportunity to network with officers of other chapters as well as talented alumnae who share their insights based on professional and volunteer experience. These opportunities become the foundation for the establishment of a professional network of outstanding women who will provide a lifelong support system through graduation and beyond.

      Leadership Fellows Program

      The Alpha Phi International Leadership Fellows Program provides an intensive, career-oriented leadership program for a select group of members in their senior undergraduate year or in a graduate program who are chosen for their leadership promise, significant professional potential and their likelihood of maintaining a strong, contributing relationship with Alpha Phi long after their collegiate experience. It provides members the opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with alumnae and secure their lifelong relationship with Alpha Phi. The curriculum inspires women to take on leadership roles within their careers and communities, and provides a foundation for professional success.

      Educational Leadership Consultant Program

      Each year, inspiring chapter leaders are selected through a competitive interview process to serve as educational leadership consultants. The consultants, who undergo an intensive summer training program, provide in-person leadership training, coaching and support to chapter officers and advisors throughout the academic year. They gather and promote best practices in programming and operations across all Alpha Phi chapters, serving as a catalyst for new ideas and continuous improvement.
      Alpha Phi International Bron: Leadership Oppurtunities / 01/12/2017
    • Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships are made possible by our generous donors and made available to Alpha Phis pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

      Each year, the Foundation awards more than $21
      0,000 in scholarships to outstanding Alpha Phis. Scholarship applications are due March 1 each year and scholarships are awarded in July for use in the upcoming academic year.

      Merit-based: Available for any collegiate or alumna applicant who will pursue a graduate degree OR any collegiate applicant who will pursue an undergraduate degree and does not wish to be considered for need-based scholarships.

      Need-based: The Foundation awards five need-based scholarships each academic year. These scholarships are available to any collegiate applicant who will pursue an undergraduate degree, and anticipates having a significant financial need. Need-based applicants must complete the Need-Based Scholarship section of the application.


      Initiated members, collegians and alumnae, of Alpha Phi in good standing with the Fraternity.
      New members may apply, but should be initiated before May 15 of the current academic year.
      Scholarship Uses

      Towards academic expenses, including tuition, course-related fees, and books and supplies required for course enrollment. Alpha Phi membership dues and/or room and board are not eligible academic expenses.
      During any term in the academic year for which they are awarded. Unused scholarship funding must be returned to Alpha Phi Foundation and cannot be held for future use.
      Full-time or part-time enrollment, a status defined in accordance with the full-time and part-time policies of the university/college
      Alpha Phi Foundation Bron: Scholarship Page / 01/12/2017
  • Alpha Sigma Tau

    • What is the Women’s Wellness Initiative?

      Alpha Sigma Tau’s National Philanthropy is the Women’s Wellness Initiative. The Initiative empowers Alpha Sigma Tau members to improve women’s wellness throug
      h service activities and projects.

      Through the Initiative, we have an established relationship with the national nonprofit Dress for Success, which members can engage to impact women’s wellness in their communities. We are also building similar relationships with other networked nonprofits committed to this purpose.

      Why women’s wellness?

      Our members have spoken loudly – they want more opportunities for community service and philanthropy that are relevant to Alpha Sigma Tau’s mission. They want opportunities that will have an impact on their local communities, as well as globally. They want an exceptional national brand identity as it relates to philanthropy while maintaining the independence to choose projects most relevant to their chapters.

      Six Dimensions of Wellness

      The Women’s Wellness Initiative is grounded in the Six Dimensions of Wellness of the National Wellness Institute – a nationally-recognized leader in promoting optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities. These dimensions are the result of decades of research, which shows that individuals who achieve and maintain wellness are considerably more likely to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

      Occupational wellness is the ability for one to function at an optimum level of physical, mental, and social well-being in her professional and volunteer settings. A woman who exhibits occupational wellness is challenged and supported in her place of work; contributes her unique gifts, skills, and talents toward the greater good; and is often rewarded with meaningful and fulfilling career and leadership experiences.

      Physical wellness is the commitment to care for one’s body to achieve optimal health and performance. A woman who respects her body’s uniqueness and practices healthy habits while avoiding destructive behaviors can achieve optimal physical wellness. Exhibiting physical wellness can result in a state of physical, mental, and social well-being that enables women to be joyful, healthy, and confident.

      Spiritual wellness is faithfulness to a personal value system to act purposefully and explore the meaning of one’s existence and experiences. A woman who embraces a value system of self-forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance for the beliefs of others, and an acknowledgement of the developmental benefits of experiencing feelings is spiritually well. A woman who exhibits spiritual wellness balances her own needs with the needs of others while cultivating sincere and lasting relationships.

      Emotional wellness is the awareness and management of one’s feelings and behaviors that result in positive self-esteem and healthy communication. A woman who exhibits emotional wellness develops and maintains positive relationships with others; is self-reliant while also recognizing and welcoming the support of others, and holds herself accountable and learns from her mistakes. Emotional wellness includes cultivating an optimistic attitude and being willing to tackle challenges, take risks, and recognize conflict as having healthy aspects. Through self-awareness and self-control, emotions are expressed appropriately and stress is managed effectively.

      Intellectual wellness is the pursuit and cultivation of knowledge, wisdom, and culture. There is an ongoing commitment to the development of lifelong curiosity while challenging one’s mind. A woman who exhibits intellectual wellness seeks opportunities for personal intellectual growth while inspiring other people to enrich her own life and the lives of others

      Social wellness is considering the greater good in all of one’s actions and taking an active part in society. In order to contribute our share to the progress of mankind, one must think of others rather than only thinking of one’s self. A woman who exhibits social wellness develops healthy relationships in order to impact positive change in her community, career, and other environments.

      How will the Women’s Wellness Initiative work at my chapter?

      Members and chapters will work directly with nonprofits in their own backyards – like Dress for Success – conducting philanthropy, service projects, and other activities that benefit women where our members live, work, and go to school.

      In fact, many chapters are already supporting local causes that encourage or are related to wellness. This is exciting because it gives our chapters the independence to support causes that are near and dear to their hearts, all with a common goal of promoting women’s wellness.

      LaJoyce Brookshire

      How can I learn more?

      Check out the fall 2015 issue of The Anchor, which is about wellness and how Alpha Sigma Taus are already achieving wellness for themselves and others.
      Alpha Sigma Tau Bron: Women's Wellness Initiative / 01/12/2017
    • Life After College
      Remember your time as a collegiate member?

      … the friendships and shared experiences?

      … that group of women who had your back no matter what?

      … the philanthropy and service projects?

      … the personal and professional growth?

      … being engaged in your campus community?

      The good news is that these don’t have to end when you graduate college. In fact, if you are like many Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae, the adventure is just beginning!

      Being part of a sorority should never become past-tense. Once you join Alpha Sigma Tau, you join a national network of nearly 50,000 like-minded women who live and work in communities across the country. Take advantage of your membership!

      When you move to a new community, there are probably Alpha Sigma Taus nearby. Look them up and connect!
      Alpha Sigma Taus can help you find that next professional opportunity. Network with Sisters in your area or areas you’d like to live in.
      Join an Alumnae Chapter or Association, or an Alumnae Panhellenic Association.
      Become a National Volunteer or serve on a Chapter Advisory Board, and help ensure that today’s collegiate members have the same great experience you had.
      Leverage your Alpha Sigma Tau membership for great discounts with our affinity partners – just for being a member!
      Alpha Sigma Tau Bron: Life After College page / 01/12/2017
    • Gwen Frostic- nature artist and environmentalist; Inducted into Michigan Women's Hall of Fame
      Jessica Furrer- Miss Arkansas USA 2005; Semi-finalist in Miss USA 2005
      Terri Utley- Miss Arkansas USA 1982
      ; Winner of Miss USA 1982
      Jessica Gendron-Williams - CEO Phired Up! Productions 2013–present
      Wikipedia Bron: Alpha Sigma Tau / 01/12/2017
    • Why Join A?T
      Women have been joining Alpha Sigma Tau for more than 118 years for one simple reason: lifelong friendships grounded in shared values.

      Since our founding in 1899, we have prided ourselve
      s on continually promoting the ethical, cultural, social, and professional growth of our members – even during times of more limited opportunities for women.

      Being an Alpha Sigma Tau means:

      Connecting to a national network of like-minded women who support you for life
      Personal and professional growth through initiatives like Illuminate, our innovative member development program that is like nothing else out there
      A focus on your safety, health, and wellness with engaging online resources
      Bettering your community through philanthropy and service
      Embracing real leadership opportunities at the local and national levels
      Alpha Sigma Tau Bron: Why Join page / 01/12/2017
    • Mission
      Invest in women by instilling the skills necessary to navigate life, and inspire members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others.

      Alpha Sigma Tau empowers women to excel in l

      Core Values
      Intellect – The pursuit and cultivation of knowledge, wisdom, and culture.
      Excellence – Always seek to perform at the highest level; have a disdain for mediocrity;
      create and take advantage of opportunities to excel.
      Graciousness – Embody kindness, generosity of spirit, charm, tact, courtesy, and
      authenticity in all we do.
      Respect – The highest level of esteem for the worth of ourselves, Sisters, Ritual, and
      Connections – Build and maintain meaningful, sincere, and lasting relationships with
      our Sisters, our alma mater, and our community.
      Alpha Sigma Tau Bron: About page / 01/12/2017
    • Volunteer Opportunities

      Staff Writer

      Do you have a talent for writing and a passion for Alpha Sigma Tau? Are you looking to share inspirational and meaningful stories with your Sisters across the co
      untry? Do you want to help spread the good news about our Sorority? Then apply to be a Staff Writer!

      Staff Writers create written content for various Sorority communications including (but not limited to) email newsletters (The Crest and Connections), social media, printed publications, and our member magazine, The Anchor.

      Sound like the perfect job for you? Learn more and apply today!

      Chapter Advisory Boards

      Download the Interest Form if you are interested in serving on a Chapter Advisory Board
      Alpha Sigma Tau Bron: Volunteer / 01/12/2017
  • Kappa Beta Gamma

    • In the years that followed Kappa Beta Gamma expanded first to other Catholic universities and then to both public and private schools. On April 2, 2011, Kappa Beta Gamma became an International Sorority when the Upsilon Chapter was added at University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia. ...»
      Kappa Beta Gamma Bron: History page / 29/11/2017
    • Kappa Beta Gamma annually holds a National Assembly of membership known as Konvention the first weekend of August.
      Kappa Beta Gamma Bron: History page/ 29/11/2017
    • National Philanthropy

      Kappa Beta Gamma makes great things happen not only in its members’ lives, but also in the lives of people around the world. We take immense pride in our efforts to build and strengthen community service initiatives that reach out to those near and far.


      Special Olympics transforms lives through the joy of sport, every day, everywhere. The Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities: with nearly 4 million athletes in more than 170 countries -- and millions more volunteers and supporters. The Special Olympics is a global social movement.
      Kappa Beta Gamma Bron: Philanthropy/ 29/11/2017
    • The Kappa Beta Gamma Alumnae Association is an organization dedicated to creating a lifelong and worldwide community of alumnae. The Association strives to recognize and affirm the mission and values of Kappa Beta Gamma International Sorority in its alumnae, and to promote in its members increased awareness, pride, participation, and volunteer involvement with Kappa Beta Gamma. ...»
      Kappa Beta Gamma Alumnae Association Bron: About Us page / 01/12/2017
    • Kappa Beta Gamma International Alumnae Society Scholarship Fund

      The Kappa Beta Gamma International Alumnae Association is beginning a scholarship fund for active sisters. There are 2 types of scholar
      ships we wish to give to deserving sisters; an active dues scholarship, and an academic scholarship. More details will be released closer to the Spring 2018 semester about applications. ...»
      Kappa Beta Gamma Bron: Scholarship Fund page / 01/12/2017
    • Kappa Beta Gamma educates new members on the history of the organization and the responsibilities of membership. The topics of the education program include:

      History and Foundation
      Loyalty and Fidelity
      Charity and Service

      We want each sister to finish the program with an understanding of the importance of membership as well as an understanding that Kappa Beta Gamma gives them a new place to call home. ...»
      Kappa Beta Gamma Bron: Why Join page / 01/12/2017
  • Alpha Omicron Pi

    • Values

      “The object of the Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of Fraternity and love among its members; to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty; to strive for and support the best interests of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed, and in no way to disregard, injure, or sacrifice those interests for the sake of prestige or advancement of the Fraternity or any of its chapters.”

      As expressed in the Object of the Fraternity, Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on the ideals of character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty. All members of the Fraternity, collegiate and alumnae, are expected to live these values to the fullest and carry the spirit of AOII into the world around them.

      Character and Dignity
      Whether you meet an AOII in class, throughout recruitment, off campus, or even after graduation, she is sure to bring light to your life. Members of the Fraternity are called to carry themselves with confidence as they represent our organization and treat everyone they meet with the utmost respect.

      AOII encourages all members to excel academically and has many programs designed to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Expectations are high but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic development officer resources, and fellow members makes success attainable. The emphasis on these pursuits was instilled by the four founding members of AOII in 1897, and this commitment remains a strong part of AOII today.

      College Loyalty
      Members of AOII are called to not only serve their chapters and the Fraternity as a whole, but also to be of service to their communities and universities. Whether they are raising money for a local philanthropic cause or spending time cleaning up a neighborhood park, serving as Student Government President or directing a college Panhellenic Executive Board, our members are excelling as leaders on their college campuses and far beyond.
      Alpha Omicron Pi Bron: Values page / 01/12/2017
    • Alpha Omicron Pi’s FOUR program offers four different ways for you to stay connected. This program was developed for alumnae to give back to AOII in different ways that best suits your lifestyle. This can be done through your time, talents, treasures, and much more. Each alumna member gets to decide what her alumnae experience in AOII looks like.

      Volunteer Locally
      The health and vitality of our collegiate chapters depends on the involvement of local volunteers. Alumnae assistance is always welcomed for recruitment activities, involvement with chapter operations and events, and as mentors on the chapter’s Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC).

      To get involved with your local collegiate chapter on an AAC, visit our chapter locator. To become an adviser at the local level, you do not need to fill out a volunteer application – contact the Chapter Adviser listed for your chapter of interest to learn about the chapter’s AAC or volunteer needs.

      Volunteer Internationally
      The Human Resources Committee (HRC) is charged with the responsibility of cultivating and recruiting a broad, diversified base of volunteers from the membership of Alpha Omicron Pi. The committee solicits and accepts applications from potential volunteers and then researches those applications to identify candidates for appointed offices. The Committee also identifies volunteers with the special talents or expertise needed to assist the Fraternity with specific projects.

      Join an Alumnae Chapter
      AOII has over 150 alumnae chapters across the United States and Canada and are a great way to stay involved as an alumna. Being a part of an alumnae chapter gives you a chance to stay plugged in and enjoy company of AOII sisters from all over.

      International Alumnae Association
      The AOII International Alumnae Association is an opportunity to stay connected to AOII wherever your life may take you. Your $35 allows you to stay up to date with via monthly communication from the Fraternity as well as a subscription to To Dragma. The International Alumnae Association is another way for members, who may be near or far, to enhance their lifelong AOII membership.

      Ambassador Programs
      Overview of the Recruitment Ambassador Program
      This program educates and prepares a select group of volunteers, known as Recruitment Ambassadors, and deploy them to provide recruitment trainings and workshops to our collegiate chapters. The purpose of the Recruitment Ambassador program is to provide education that focuses on the specific skills that assist with cultivating relationships and communicating our values.
      Alpha Omicron Pi Bron: Alumnae Opportunities / 01/12/2017
    • Courtney Kupets (Olympic and World Champion Gymnast)
      Teresa Lubbers (Indiana State Senator 1992—2009, current Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education)
      Parvati Shallow (contestant on Survivor: Cook I
      slands, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Winner of Survivor: Micronesia)
      Sofia Vassilieva (Actress, My Sister's Keeper)
      Natalie White (Winner of Survivor: Samoa)
      Natasha Paracha (Miss Pakistan World 2008)
      Ashley Davis (Miss Alabama 2010)
      Katie Layman (Miss Colorado 2009)
      Katherine Southard (Miss North Carolina 2009)
      Alpha Omicron Pi Bron: 18 Celebrities Who Were In Alpha Omicron Pi / 01/12/2017
    • Life Loyal

      The Life Loyal AOII program is for all collegiate and alumnae members of AOII and is a fabulous way to give back to the Fraternity! AOII’s membership is constantly growing, and our connectivity with our membership is key to AOII’s success.

      Once a member of Life Loyal, you will receive a beautiful lapel pin to wear alongside your AOII badge, a personalized AOII Life Loyal gift, a lifetime subscription to To Dragma, and permanent exemption from the operating portion of alumnae chapter dues to AOII!

      To join Life Loyal AOII there is a onetime fee of $299. If you are a 50+ year member, you receive a discounted rated of a onetime fee of $189. We also offer payment plans with 12 installments of $29 per month. Please note, Life Loyal membership fees are help pay for the production of To Dragma, a program of the Fraternity, and as a result are not tax-deductible.

      Become a part of Life Loyal A
      Alpha Omicron Pi Bron: Life Loyal page / 01/12/2017
    • Philanthropy
      Arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation
      Arthritis FoundationServing the world around us is one of AOII’s founding principles. While local chapters are encouraged to support philanthropic opportunities in their communities, all chapters support AOII’s international philanthropy, which is Arthritis. Since 1967, the Fraternity has enjoyed an important partnership with the Arthritis Foundation. Dollars donated to the Arthritis Foundation support arthritis research, Juvenile Arthritis Power Packs, Juvenile Arthritis Camps and Conferences and so much more. ...»
      Alpha Omicron Pi Bron: Philanthropy 01/12/2017
    • Policies
      Fraternity Responsibilities
      When a woman is chosen to be a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, she is presumed to be above average and fully capable of accepting the responsibilities of fraternity me
      mbership. Because of this, maturity and high standards of achievement and behavior are automatically expected of her. Alpha Omicron Pi’s objective is the encouragement of behavior that will not only reflect credit on the fraternity, but also on each member. Mature conduct is expected of each AOII in every phase of her life. That goal can only be achieved when each member recognizes that exemplary behavior is the direct result of an individual’s respect for herself and for other people. ...»
      –The AOII Executive Board Alpha Omicron Pi Bron: Policies / 01/12/2017