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Viva la Revolution? Cycling Worldwide

Mattermap door Gemma van der Kamp 19 december 2012

Interest in cycling has been enormous since the nineties. Is there an international cycling renaissance taking place?

  • Yes, governments in big cities encourage cycling with bikesharing programmes and allocations of road parts to cyclists.

    • WORLDWIDE - 160 bikesharing programmes in five continents in 2011; free-bikes; coin-desposit bikes; IT-based systems with smart cards; demand responsive, multimodal systems. 
      John Pucher/Ralph Buehler Author Bron: City cycling 17/12/2012
    • AUSTRALIA, UK and US - Bixi is a public bicycle sharing system which are found in cities around the world like Boston, Montreal, London, Toronto, Washington, Melbourne. 
      Wikipedia/Bixi Bron: Wikipedia 11/12/2012
    • BRAZIL - Rio de Janeiro want to make cycling a priority in order to reduce the pressure of traffic and related air pollution. The Dutch Cycle Embassy will help Rio to draw up a plan to encourage cycling. The ambition: 300-400 km cycle path in 2015.  ...»
      Dutch Cycling Embassy Bron: 20/06/2012
    • POLAND - Workshop 'think bicycle' and ' Capital city Warschau in de jaren 2006-2011' 
      Dutch Embassy in Poland Bron: 31/05/2012
    • COLOMBIA - Bogotá is well known for its sustainable urban transport systems, including an extensive network of bike lanes and set-aside street space for recreational cyclists and pedestrians on Sundays and holidays, called Ciclovía (“cycleway”). ...»
      Robert Cervero Professor urban planning Bron: 11/06/2009
    • DENMARK - Copenhagen opened the first of 26 superhighways for bicycles: 11 miles of path largely uninterrupted by roads or intersections to get - next to the many cyclist that cycle  short distances - people from suburban areas commuting by bicycle to work - as they usually still use cars or public transportation. The highway  looks like a automobile freeway.  ...»
      Brian Hansen Head of traffic planning section Bron: Politiken DK 05/05/2012
    • JAPAN - Japan seems to have achieved a comparable cycling culture to the Netherlands albeit in a very Japanese way. Every single one-way of street is a two-way for bicycles; motorists watch out for cyclists and they act in a hugely considerate way to non-motorised traffic; parents are taking their kids from place to place by bicycle; at supermarkets there are a dozen bicycles for one car. ...»
      Danny Williams Cyclist in the city Bron: Cyclist in the city 23/08/2012
  • No, the big problem is safety. Cyclists ignore traffic rules and motorist ignore cyclists.

    • UNITED STATES: Recent surveys indicate a falling or stagnant level of cycling by women and children. The downward trend can be explained by parental fear about increased traffic danger, the safety of children,  increased car ownership by parents and longer distances between home and school. ...»
      John Puchler Bron: City Cycling 01/01/2012
    • NETHERLANDS - Every year, 350.000 cyclist suffer injuries in cycling accidents. The number of accidents and injuries amongst cyclists increases whereas there is a downward trend in the number of car accidents.  ...»
      Fietsersbond Bron: RTL nieuws 10/10/2012
    • NETHERLANDS - The big problems of cyclists in the Netherland is their behaviour. People ignore traffic rules: they jump the traffic lights, telephone while riding or listen to music while on the bicycle. It is dangerous.  ...»
      Nancy Neuteboom Marcel Tweewielers Store manager Bron: 22/11/2012
    • ENGLAND - Despite being named England's first cycling city, Bristol is not safe enough for cyclists. Streets are too crowded, and cycle lanes too confusing.
      Kerry McCarthy Labour-MP Bristol Bron: BBC 27/02/2012
    • INDIA - The BRT corridor for cyclists on roads in Delhi accorded us great safety. But then two-wheelers also began using it and earlier this year the cycle lanes were opened to all kinds of traffic and there has been chaos ever since. Even the Delhi Police personnel have given up on regulating and disciplining those motorists who drive into the cycle lanes. They too say: 'let them die. How much can we stop?'  ...»
      Eedu Ram Cyclist in New Delhi Bron: The Hindu 17/12/2012
    • AUSTRALIA - Cycling rates are relatively low in Australia, but cyclists comprise about 1 in 40 traffic crash fatalities and about 1 in 7 serious njuries. Cyclists appear to be over-represented in terms of fatalities and serious injuries relative to their exposure to traffic, but under-represented in interventions aimed at reducing traffic fatalities and injuries. ...»
      Dr. Jan Garrard School of Health and Social Development, Melbourne Proffesor Bron: Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety 03/08/2010
  • No, cities are not designed for cyclists and government plans to make cities more cycling friendly don't work

    • Amsterdam can't cope with the number of cyclists anymore. 490.000 out of 800.000 inhabitants cycle everyday. Cycle paths have become too small for the expanding flow of cyclists. The problem is: they ignore rules. In 2009, 56 procent of cyclists seriously injured 950, against 48 procent in 2000.  ...»
      Alexandre Pouchard Journalist Bron: Le Monde 22/11/2012
    • In 2011, Moscow opened the first cycling path ever - after lobbies from cyclists who complained the city is too dangerous to cycle. A year after the introduction of the path, part of the path has been removed. For Russian people, cycling is more recreational, like cycling laps in parks.  ...»
      Olaf Koens Freelance journalist Bron: RTL Nieuws 19/09/2012
    • UK - The British newspaper The Times has set up a cyclign campaign. ' Cities fit for cycling' to improve safety in bigger cities for cyclist. 
      The Times UK Newspaper Bron: The Times 19/12/2012
    • INDIA - We have a bikesharing programme, but not so many people use them. 
      Ashok Matthew Fanatic cyclist in India Bron: Quote from an interview 19/12/2012
  • No, people prefer cars.

    • UNITED STATES - America may be flirting with the bicycle, but it has by no means ended its long love affair with the car. Car ownership is still cheaper. 
      The Economist Amerikaans tijdschrift Bron: The Economist 08/12/2012
    • INDIA - When it comes to take up cycling in Indian cities, there are THREE BIG problems. 1. We have to deal with the tropical climate. 2. The increased customs duty which will never let people buy good cycles. 3. Passionate motorist buggers.  ...»
      Arun Sekhar Bangalore, India Blogger Bron: Bikezone 18/12/2012
    • CHINA - China was once known as the kingdom of bicycles and still is the mode of transport for millions of Chinese people, but these days the car is the image that best sums up the country's rapid economic development. The car is king of the road in Shanghai and cyclists have been relegated to the bottom of the vehicular food chain, second only to pedestrians. ...»
      Jennifer Duggan Journalist Bron: The Guardian 11/09/2012
    • KENYA - There is still a stigma of cycling as a poor mens vehicle. Cyclist are captive users, which means they have not other choice. Once they can buy a car, they will do. Kenyan people love their cars; they won't even carpool to reduce the traffic jams in cities like Nairobi because they threat their cars like little homes.  ...»
      Dr. Olola Oneko GP/Born and raised in Kenya Bron: Quote from an interview 11/09/2012
    • AUSTRALIA - A new study has found 63 percent of school children in Australia are taken to school for all or part of the journey by car. This contrasts with just 16 procent who travelled by car in 1970 ...»
      Heart Foundation Sydney Bron: Alain Davies 25/03/2012
  • Yes, but there's so far too much focus on the safety aspect.

    • ENGLAND - All activities carry a risk. For some reason there seems to be strong focus on the risk of injury associated with cycling. Clearly, when deaths do takes place that's tragic, and we need to do all we can to avoid them. But I think there is a perception that cycling is much more dangerous than it really is. ...»
      Dr. Harry Rutter Professor of Public Health Bron: The Guardian 28/11/2012
    • UNITED KINGDOM - Cycling is almost five times safer than driving for men under 21 . Cycling risk are similar to driving or walking for men aged between 21 and 49 for all three modes of transport
      and for female pedestrians and drivers aged between 21 and 69 years. This research dispels the idea that risk for UK cyclists is substantially higher than for drivers or pedestrians.
      National Transport Survey Bron: The Times 06/12/2012
  • Yes, also lobby groups and media encourage cycling as a healthy and environment friendly way of transport

    • WORLDWIDE - The interface for cycling expertise set up a programme to share the Dutch experience in designing a modern transport system that
      prominently features bicycles. It is working with groups i
      n Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador,
      Ghana, India, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, and Uganda to facilitate bicycle use. 
      Bicycle partnership programme Bron: 06/06/2010
    • UNITED KINGDOM - Campaign 'Cities fit for cycling' initiatieve of a newspaper to improve cycling safety. 
      Times UK Newspaper UK Bron: The Times 19/12/2012
  • Yes, the bicycle has become a status object, cycling a lifestyle and inspiration for designers in Europe and the States.

    • UNITED KINGDOM - For years, the image of a bicycle dwindled into a dismal. But nowadays the bike is popular and modern and is being idealised for by artist and business.
      Matthew Wright Blogger Bron: The Guardian 12/09/2012
    • NEW YORK - Bearded messengers, fixed-gear freestylers, mountain bikers and the urban cyclist. Blogger Eben Weiss writes about the different 'tribes' of cyclist that flow the cities. They all have their own fashion, cycling behaviour and way of life.  ...»
      Eben Weiss Blogger Bron: Bike Snob NYC 08/10/2010
    • UK and US - The fashion-conscious cyclists have the now annual Tweedrun to look forward to, whilst there’s also a nude ride for those that way inclined. And then there’s the food.The cycling cafes took over the capital this summer like Look Mum No Hands and Lock 7. The same is to been seen in the United States.  ...»
      The social cyclist Blogger Bron: The social cyclist 15/09/2010
    • DENMARK/ NETHERLANDS - Thomas Tolkamp created the bike bus for children to ride to school together. He gets orders from all over the world and thinks it works because more and more people get fat and green living becomes more important  ...»
      Bike bus by Thomas Tolkamp Designer Bron: Treehugger 06/03/2012