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Gentrification - Solinde Vos, Aram van den Berg, Max Oudejans

Mattermap door Max Oudejans 16 mei 2018

Wat zij de drijvende krachten van gentrification?

  • Demografische Verandering

  • Klassevorming

    • Significantly the number of professional dual-career households increased and the central city provided them and other non-traditional households with the structures that would enable them to undertake the everyday tasks of social reproduction. Social classes became what Neil Smith (1987) called fuzzy categories defined by economic, social, political and ideological conditions. ...»
      Loretta Lees Bron: The ‘new’ middle class lifestyle and the gentrified city. 01/01/1970
    • Ley argues that this new middle class were behind the rehabilitation of central cities across the world. They are, he is clear, a privileged class who desired to build a new convivial city - a city to live in and enjoy, a city which promoted social equity and quality of life. Yet for Ley (1996), the new middle class become liberated in the central city to consume, whether that is cappuccinos, art, litera- ture or cinema; their (anti-capitalist, left-liberal) cultural politics are thus cut from beneath them. ...»
      Loretta Lees Bron: The ‘new’ middle class lifestyle and the gentrified city. 01/01/1970
  • Economie

  • De Maakbare Samenleving

    • Voorheen was gentrificatie een kleinschalige tegenbeweging, maar inmiddels is de gentrificatie alomtegenwoordig. Stadsbesturen doen er alles aan de hoogopgeleide middenklasse aan zich te binden, en gentrificatie speelt hierbij een sleutelrol. Markt en staat zorgen er voor dat gentrificatie over de stad uitgesmeerd wordt. ...»
      Cody Hochstenbach Bron: Uitsluiting door gentrificatie 16/05/2018
  • De Staat

    • Singapore's government recently purchased the services of Richard Florida to tell them how to create the creative bohemian environment (missing in this otherwise successful city-state led by 'authoritarian developmentalism') that he prescribes as a key attraction for the creative class. The result was that the Singaporean government has worked to develop certain creative industries and has even gone so far as to liberalise restrictions on a variety of activities ranging from public displays of homo- sexuality to bungee jumping to busking, drinking and gambling - all in the name of creativity. ...»
      Loretta Lees Bron: The 'New' Middle Class, Lifestyle and the 'New' Gentrified City 01/01/1970
    • Taken from the French word revanche (meaning revenge) the revanchist city refers to the political shift from a liberal welfare state characterised by redistributive policy, affirmative action and anti-poverty legislation, to an era of neoliberal revanchism characterised by a discourse of revenge. ...»
      Loretta Lees Bron: The ‘new’ middle class lifestyle and the gentrified city. 01/01/1970